If you have any questions that are not addressed here please call our office at 337-234-5344.  Someone will be on-call after business hours if you have a problem.  However, routine calls should be placed during normal business hours.  Prescription refills will only be processed during normal business hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please anticipate your medication needs and plan accordingly.
Preparing for Surgery:
· Beginning two days before surgery, each time you bathe, use Hibiclens soap to cleanse your body.  This may be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy.  You do not have to wash your hair with this soap but wash your whole body.
· Fast after midnight the night before surgery (nothing to eat or drink after midnight).  You may take your blood pressure medications with a sip of water only.
· Make arrangements to have someone with you at the hospital.
· The office will notify your insurance company of this scheduled hospital stay.  You will be required to pay any out-of-pocket or co-pay fees.

· Bring ALL of your home medications with you to the hospital in the bottle that they come in.
· The morning of surgery, please take any heart or blood pressure medications as you normally would.
· DO NOT take diabetic medications, pain medications, sedatives, or blood thinners on the morning of surgery.
· Blood thinners such as Aspirin, Plavix, and Coumadin must be stopped 7-10 days before surgery.  Herbal remedies and all vitamins must also be stopped.  You MUST let your surgeon know in advance of your surgery if you are taking any type of blood thinner.
· You may need to obtain clearance from your prescribing doctor to stop some medications.

Medical Clearance:
· If you have pre-existing medical conditions you may be required to obtain surgical clearance from your treating physician BEFORE proceeding with surgery.

What to Expect at the Hospital:
· On the morning of surgery you will be allowed to visit with a limited number of family/friends prior to surgery.  During surgery your family and friends will wait in the Surgery Waiting Room.  Please let your O.R. nurse know who will be in the waiting room so that your surgeon may contact them when your surgery is complete.
· Before surgery you will stay in the “holding area” where you will meet your Anesthesiologist or Anesthetist and surgery nurse.  An IV will be started and you will meet with the surgeon before going into the operating room. 
· Once in the operating room you will be given medication that helps you drift off to sleep.  The O.R. team consists of a team of highly trained individuals that perform various functions to assist the surgeon.
· Following surgery you will be transported to the recovery room.  Here, you will be monitored closely by nurses until you awaken.  The recovery room stay is usually about one hour but can vary from patient to patient.
· After “recovering” you will be transported to a more spacious room where your family and friends can visit.
· Depending on what type of surgery you have, you will either be discharged home the same day or admitted for one or more nights.  The length of your stay will be discussed when you schedule your surgery.

Neurosurgeon Lafayette Louisiana - Dr. Ilyas Munshi
Neurosurgeon Lafayette Louisiana - Dr. Ilyas Munshi
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Neurosurgeon Lafayette Louisiana - Dr. Ilyas Munshi
Neurosurgeon Lafayette Louisiana - Dr. Ilyas Munshi